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About Us

Company Introduction

Suzhou DAAO Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that provides reliable clean room equipment and clean engineering solutions for customers all over the world. Provide customers with one-stop clean product services including technical consultation, drawing design, product quotation, manufacturing and after-sales service.

Our products are used in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronic semiconductors, optoelectronics, medical devices, aerospace, precision instruments, auto parts, new energy, hospitals, operating rooms, PCR laboratories, testing institutions, cosmetics, food and beverage industries.

Professional Production and Sales

Filter, air shower room, transfer window, ultra clean workbench, clean laminar flow hood, FFU unit, air self purifier, negative pressure weighing room, clean sampling vehicle, dust collector, biosafety cabinet, high-efficiency air supply outlet, air volume control valve, aluminum alloy air return outlet, purification door and window, medical operating room purification equipment, stainless steel products, purification lamps, purification aluminum profiles, purification accessories, purification plates, muffler Ozone generator, purification air conditioner and other clean room supporting equipment and accessories.

Suzhou DAAO Purification Technology Co., Ltd. has a mature and professional clean room product production line, relying on scientific management system and professional engineer team. With 145 workers, 28 senior technicians and 15000 square meters of workshop, we arrive at Shanghai port in one hour and Ningbo port in two hours. We have more than 15 years of professional experience in clean room. At present, we have reached cooperation with customers in 45 countries and regions. We will maintain excellent product quality and competitive quotations for distinguished customers all over the world.

Development History

The Da'ao purification team was established in 2008 and has more than 10 years of clean product technology experience. Quality management and technological innovation have been progressing. We first served the Chinese market. During the exchange with foreign customers at the 2012 Hong Kong Exhibition, we found that customers have great interest in our products. As a result, we began to communicate and cooperate with more and more foreign customers. At present, we have established friendly cooperation with customers in 45 countries. We have a technical team, R & D team and after-sales maintenance team composed of more than 20 people. We have built production plants in Suzhou, Jiangsu and Jinhua, Zhejiang. Our corporate mission is to become a reliable supplier of global clean products, provide high-quality and cost-effective products and services, and provide customers with products and Solutions.

Enterprise Philosophy

Abide by integrity and be responsible for customers; Insist on quality and satisfy customers. Care for employees and ensure their physical and mental health; Environmental protection and social responsibility.