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Customer trust and our growth

The strong growth of foreign trade demand in recent years has made us very honored to meet friends all over the world and gain the trust of customers from dozens of countries. They have different cultures, different languages and different needs, all of which are very strange and beautiful. We have a very broad vision and experience the unique cultures and landscapes around the world. At the same time, we must also have a very strong sense of mission, To better support and serve our customers.

Our sales engineer has many years of product experience and installation experience in purification engineering. After receiving the inquiry form from a customer friend, he will review and confirm the inquiry form with our design engineer and product engineer, and then make a serious and detailed quotation. At the same time, we will take the initiative to understand the special requirements of customers for products and the experience of providing various clean level technologies. Our designers will carry out professional CAD drawing design and use computer software to find the best solution.

Customer trust and our growth1

After receiving the order from the customer, our production department will arrange the production in a standardized way, and make the production schedule according to the customer's needs and delivery time. Our manufacturing department will produce and process the products according to the 5S management content and standards. At the same time, during the production process, we will regularly feed back the production progress and the manufacturing process of semi-finished products with customers. We believe that the transparency of information will build long-term trust.

After the delivery of products, if customers have questions about the use and installation of products, we will provide 24-hour customer service. We have established a team composed of sales engineers and after-sales engineers to respond to your questions and provide support in time. Even after the installation of the product, you can always ask for our support. Please regard us as your good friends in the clean room industry! Even if there is no cooperation with orders, we are also very willing to communicate with you, which not only helps you, but also contributes to our growth.

We have been improving ourselves. Welcome to China

Over the years, we have cooperated with many customers all over the world, including South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Israel, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Britain, Poland, Ukraine in Europe, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay in South America, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana in Africa, Australia. This gives us a lot of confidence, but also a lot of pressure. To serve customers in different countries and regions, we need to better understand their civilization and habits, better understand the local needs for clean rooms, and provide help and support from the perspective of customers.

Customer trust and our growth2

In order to master more professional skills, engineers will regularly participate in the training of clean room industry, and our equipment will be upgraded automatically, so as to ensure higher product quality and lower error rate. Before the products are shipped, our inspection department strictly controls the quality and size to ensure the perfection of the shipped products.

Our sales department is also learning the languages of various countries, understanding their cultures, and looking forward to listening to your ideas and suggestions more conveniently. 

You are very welcome to travel to China. Welcome to the great wall of Beijing, Hangzhou, West Lake, Suzhou garden, Xi'an wild goose pagoda. Let's experience China's ancient culture and taste Chinese cuisine together.