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Clean laminar flow hood provides local clean environment standard edition and customized production

Short Description:

The clean laminar flow hood is one of the air purification equipment that can shield and isolate the operator from the product. The main function of the laminar flow hood is to avoid artificial pollution of the product. Working principle of laminar flow hood: it absorbs clean air from the clean room, uses the fan installed in the top pressurized cabin as the power, passes through the operation area vertically after filtering through HEPA high efficiency filter, and provides ISO 5 (level 100) one-way flow air for key areas. Finally, the exhaust gas is discharged from the bottom and returned to the clean room area.

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Product Description

After the air is filtered through the high-efficiency filter at a certain wind speed, it passes through the damping layer to equalize the pressure, so that the clean air is sent to the work area in a one-way flow, so as to obtain the flow pattern and cleanliness required by the work protection area. The laminar flow hood can be used individually or in combination, and its work area is a sterile core area.

The clean laminar flow hood is an air purification unit that can provide a local clean environment. It can be flexibly installed above the process points that require high cleanliness. The clean laminar flow hood can be used alone or combined into a strip-shaped clean area. The clean laminar flow hood is to form a uniform flow layer after the air passes through the high-efficiency filter at a certain wind speed, so that the clean air flow is a vertical unidirectional flow, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the working area to meet the process requirements, and send it into the working area. There are two types of clean laminar flow hoods: built-in fan and external fan. There are two installation methods: hanging type and floor bracket type.

Composition of laminar flow hood

Laminar flow hood is mainly composed of box, fan, high efficiency air filter, damping layer, lamps, etc.

Product features

Double negative pressure structure, no leakage risk.
HEPA ensures low resistance, high efficiency and more reliable sealing of liquid tank.
Consistent inside and outside, clean and free from dead corners.
The control forms are rich to meet the different requirements of customers.
Multiple pressure equalization, uniform wind speed, good one-way flow pattern.
Imported fan, large residual pressure, low noise and energy saving, reliable performance.
Simple design, low maintenance cost, providing an efficient class a clean environment.
It can be used in the assembly, testing, inspection and other production processes of sterile products requiring ultra clean.
Integrated fan filter module, low noise.

Technical parameters

Model Outline Dimensions Working Dimensions Hoisting Dimensions Rated Air Volume HEPA Filter Lamp Power Supply Weight.
JCZ- A*B(mm) A*B(mm) A*D(mm) (m3/h) Size(mm)/Quantity(pcs) Quantity(pcs) 50HZ (kg).
1220/610 1360*750 1220*610 1220*600 1200 610*610*150/2 1 220V 150.
1220/915 1360*1055 1220*915 1220*900 1800 915*610*150/2 1 220V 200.
1220/1220 1360*1360 1220*1220 1220*1220 2400 1220*610*150/2 1 220V 250.
1830/610 1970*750 1830*610 1830*600 1800 610*610*150/3 2 220V 200.
1830/915 1970*1055 1830*915 1830*900 2400 915*610*150/3 2 380V 250.
1830/1220 1970*1360 1830*1220 1830*1220 3000 1220*610*150/3 2 380V 300.
2400/610 2580*650 2440*610 2440*600 2400 61*610*150/4 2 220V 250.
2400/935 2580*1055 2440*915 2440*900 3000 915*610*150/4 2 220V 300.
2400/1220 2580*1360 2440*1220 2440*1220 3600 1220*610*150/4 2 380V 350.
Remarks This product can be customized according to customer needs (such as size).

Detail drawing

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