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Clean room fast door soft PVC material with perspective window servo motor drive

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Clean room fast rolling shutter door product material: galvanized sheet / stainless steel.
Opening speed: 0.6~1.5 M / s wind resistance grade 3~10.
Curtain color: yellow orange blue gray white red fully transparent.

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Product Description

Clean room fast rolling shutter door product material: galvanized sheet / stainless steel
Opening speed: 0.6~1.5 M / s wind resistance grade 3~10
Curtain color: yellow orange blue gray white red fully transparent
Curtain material: the curtain is made of French Xiyun brand industrial strength environmental friendly polyurethane yellow fiber base cloth, and transparent PVC can be added in the middle; High polymer fiber biaxial warp knitted fabric +pvc Composite coating has strong mildew resistance. The surface is subject to special shading treatment, with good surface self-cleaning; It has long-lasting bonding performance and firm welding performance (it will not affect the sealing degree of the welded joint under adverse conditions).
Door frame material: 2.0mm high-quality Baosteel galvanized steel plate, excellent baking paint, fluorocarbon powder painting process or 2.0mm thick 304 stainless steel plate wire drawing forming.
Visual window: PVC transparent window, thickness 1.5mm.


● Quick door size: The size of the quick door can be 5 meters wide x 12 meters high.
● Fast door speed: opening speed: 0.6m/s-1.8m/s, closing speed 0.5m/s-1.5m/s.
● Quick door curtain material: industrial PVC coated fabric, tear resistance: 600N/600N (warp/weft), flame retardant. Optional windows.
● Fast door tensile strength: 4000/3500 (warp/latitude), a variety of door] curtain colors are available (red, yellow, blue, gray, white, etc.)
● Fast] Applicable temperature: -30~ +70 degrees Celsius, color fastness: 7-8, peel strength: 100N/5cm.
● Fast door frame material: The door frame material is SUS304 stainless steel, cold-rolled steel plate with paint or aluminum alloy.
● Fast door performance: The basic configuration includes encoder limit one - strictly control the limit error caused by high-speed operation, the bottom end of the door post is equipped with an infrared device, and the bottom end of the curtain can be optionally equipped with an imported air bag to protect the door from falling. The damage to personnel and articles during the process, and the door] body can be equipped with a warning light, which acts as a warning during operation.
● Fast ]Sealing performance: The bottom end is equipped with elastic PVC, which can be tightly combined with various uneven ground. The rails are sealed with leather strips or brushes.
● Fast [Power performance: The electromagnetic brake motor of the special motor reducer for the fast door is adopted, AC 220V, and the power is 0.75kw-2.2KW.
● Fast door opening method: button, radar, infrared, geomagnetic, pull rope, separation of people and vehicles, and other door opening methods are optional.

1. Is made of stainless steel plate with beautiful design, bright surface, scratch resistance and wear resistance, and the plate thickness is 1.5-2.0 mm. The box is made of stainless steel (the track is specially designed to reduce friction with cord fabric under high wind pressure).

2. Use domestic brand (servo) external motor, high-speed motor for fast door, power supply 220V, power 0.75kw/1400 rpm /s, carry heavy load S4 type, opening and closing speed - opening 0.6-2.5m/ s / closing 0.6-2.0m/ s (servo adjustable speed).

3. Adopts (servo control box), the servo device is efficient, energy-saving and accurate, and adopts 32-bit digital signal processor (DSP), with high control accuracy, fast response speed, high performance, high reliability, high stability, high precision positioning and other characteristics. It has soft start and slow stop functions to ensure smooth operation of the door body and increase its service life.

4. A pair of infrared photoelectric (jetek) protection switches are installed at the lower part of the door frame. When people and objects stay under the door body, the door body will not fall.

5. Industrial polyester fiber base cloth imported from France, high-strength environmental protection polyester fiber, double-sided PVC coating, thickness of 0.8mm.

6. Cord fabric replacement function: aluminum alloy ribs are installed at the cord fabric joint. No matter which cord fabric is damaged, it can be replaced at will to save costs.

7. Sealing - the bottom of the door curtain can be closely combined with various uneven ground through special design. The guide rail has a built-in brush, which can play the role of dust prevention and sealing.

8. Control mode - manual switch + radar induction is adopted. It is fast and convenient to use. Limit switch - the travel positioner is adopted to ensure accurate positioning and reach the position at one time.

9. Power failure emergency configuration - the door can be easily opened in case of power failure or accident.

10. Fault recovery function - each machine produced by Linsen door has its own fault recovery function. The system will recover automatically after the power is turned off and powered on for 30 seconds.

11. Wind resistance effect: aluminum alloy wind proof ribs are installed at the cord fabric joint to increase the wind resistance effect.

12. Perspective window - Horizontal PVC transparent window in the middle, with a thickness of 1.2-1.5mm, making it safer for personnel and vehicles to enter and leave.

Color: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, gray, white, yellow grid, white grid and other colors can be selected.
Tear resistance: 600/600 (warp / weft).
Tensile strength: 4000/3500 (warp / weft), peel strength Newton /5cm, service temperature -30--+70 ℃, fire protection standard (German din75200) base cloth is non-toxic and has good surface self-cleaning property; The bottom is equipped with an air separation cloth, which has good sealing performance, no dust accumulation and is easy to clean.

Detail drawing

door soft PVC10
door soft PVC11
door soft PVC12
door soft PVC4
door soft PVC5
door soft PVC6
door soft PVC1
door soft PVC2
door soft PVC3
door soft PVC7
door soft PVC8
door soft PVC9

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