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High efficiency filter without clapboard

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The high efficiency filter is mainly used to collect particulate dust below 0.5um and various suspended solids, and serves as the end filter of various filtration systems. Ultra fine glass fiber paper is used as filter material, rubber paper, aluminum foil and other materials are folded as clapboard, sealed with new polyurethane sealant, and galvanized plate, stainless steel plate and aluminum alloy profile are used as outer frame.

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Product Description

Function of high efficiency filter: the high efficiency filter is installed on the top layer of fresh air purifier. After the outdoor fresh air is filtered layer by layer through the primary effect filter, epic low temperature plasma electrostatic module and anion module, all the remaining harmful particles are removed by the high efficiency filter.

Replacement period: one to two years, determined according to the air quality of the place of use.

Product Features

The use characteristics of high efficiency filter screen without clapboard are as follows:
● Compact pleated V "type filter material structure, with large effective filtering area and small volume.
● Low resistance, long service life and uniform air flow.

Application site

● Non grade filter of clean room ventilation and air conditioning system
The air supply can directly meet the air cleaning requirements of class 100 / 1000 / 10000 / 100000.

● Compact air purification equipment
It can be used together with FFU fan filter unit

High efficiency filter without clapboard
Specification and model: 610 six hundred and ten 50, 915 six hundred and ten 50, 1220 six hundred and ten 50 class.
Efficiency grade: H9, H10, H11, H12, H13, h14.
Frame material: aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, etc.
Filter material: glass fiber filter paper.
Product features: low resistance, high efficiency and light weight.
Application fields: electronics, pharmacy, food, etc.

Detail drawing

High efficiency filter without clapboard1
High efficiency filter without clapboard2
High efficiency filter without clapboard3
High efficiency filter without clapboard4

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