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Medium efficiency bag filter

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Medium efficiency filter belongs to F series filter in air filter, which is divided into bag filter and non bag filter. Bag filters include F5, F6, F7, F8 and F9, and non bag filters include FB (plate type medium efficiency filter), FS (baffle type medium efficiency filter) and Fv (combined type medium efficiency filter).

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F5, F6, F7, F8 and F9 are filtration efficiency (colorimetry).
F5: 40 ~ 50%.
F6: 60 ~ 70%.
F7: 75 ~ 85%.
F8: 85 ~ 95%.
F9: 99%.


Mainly used for intermediate filtration of central air conditioning and ventilation system, industrial purification of pharmaceutical, hospital, electronics, food, etc; It can also be used as the front end of high-efficiency filtration to reduce high-efficiency overload and prolong its service life.

Due to the large windward face, large amount of air dust and low wind speed, it is considered to be the best medium efficiency filter structure at present.


1. Capture 1-5um particulate dust and various suspended solids.
2. The hot-melt process is adopted to stabilize the structure and reduce the risk of leakage.
3. Large air volume.
4. Low resistance.
5. High dust volume.
6. It can be cleaned and used repeatedly.
7. Type: frameless and framed bag type.
8. Filter material: special non-woven fabric or glass fiber.
9. Efficiency: 60% ~ 95% @ 1 ~ 5um (colorimetry).
10. Maximum temperature and humidity: 80 ℃, 80%.

Product features

1. Washable. The bag filter produced by our company can be reused after being clear, and the service life of the filter is up to one year.
2. Low resistance. Special chemical fiber filter material and reasonable structure reduce the resistance of bag filter to a low level.
3. Stable performance. The chemical fiber filter material of the bag filter produced by our company does not carry static electricity, so there is no component temporarily enhanced by static electricity in the filter index. As long as the filter material is not.
The filter efficiency is the same after cleaning.
4. Strong versatility. The structure and size of bag filter are consistent with those of internationally accepted bag filters. Therefore, it is applicable to most central air conditioning and central ventilation systems.
5. Unique structure. The outer frame adopts special aluminum profile or galvanized plate frame, which is convenient for complete recycling and utilization. The high-quality U-shaped aluminum alloy strip makes the filter bag structure resistance low and easy to use.

Under orders.

Frame material: aluminum profile, galvanized sheet frame.

Sealant: polyurethane adhesive.

Filter materials used: glass fiber filter paper, high-quality chemical fiber non-woven filter materials.

Separator: hot melt adhesive.

Operating environment: temperature range and humidity range.

Sealing strip: Neoprene.

Efficiency: G3, g4--f5, F6, F7, F8, F9, suitable for different occasions.

Application site:

It is suitable for filtering systems in electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, food and other industries. 

Suitable for occasions with high dust concentration.

Specification and model: 290 ✖ ️595 ✖ ️381, 595 ✖ ️595 ✖ ️381, 290 ✖ ️595 ✖ 500, etc.

Efficiency grade: F5, F6, F7, F8, F9.

Material of outer frame: aluminum alloy frame, galvanized frame, plastic basket, etc.

Filter materials: non-woven fabric, needle punched cotton, activated carbon filter materials, etc.

Product features: washability, low resistance, stable performance, etc.

Application fields: industrial electronics factory, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, food, etc.

Detail drawing

Medium efficiency bag filter
Medium efficiency bag filter2
Medium efficiency bag filter3
Medium efficiency bag filter4

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