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Is there a grade division of the dust-free workshop?


Cleanliness and continuous stability to prevent pollution are the basic standards for testing the quality of dust-free workshops, which can be divided into six levels according to regional environment, cleanliness and other factors. They are level 1, level 10, level 100, level 1000, level 10000, level 100000:
Level 1: This level of dust-free workshop is mainly used in the microelectronics industry to manufacture integrated circuits, the precise requirements for integrated circuits are submicron.
Level 10: This level of dust-free workshop is mainly used in the semiconductor industry with bandwidths less than 2 microns.

Level 100: Many people believe that this level of clean workshop is commonly used and therefore relatively important. People often mistakenly think that the level 100 clean room can be used for aseptic manufacturing processes in the medical industry. This clean room is widely used in the manufacture of implants, surgical operations, including transplant operations, synthesizer manufacturing, and postoperative isolation, such as the isolation of bone marrow transplant personnel after surgery.
Grade 1000: This level of dust-free workshop is mainly used for the production of high quality optical products, but also for testing, aircraft gyroscope assembly, assembly of high quality miniature bearings, etc.
Class 10000: Class 10000 clean workshop is used for the assembly of hydraulic or pneumatic equipment, and in some cases also used in the food and beverage industry. In addition, Class 10000 clean workshop is also commonly used in the medical industry.
Class 100000: Class 100000 clean workshop is used in many industrial sectors, such as the manufacture of optical products, the manufacture of small components for large electronic systems, the manufacture of hydraulic or pneumatic systems, the production of food and beverage, the medical industry also often uses this level of clean workshop.


In addition, do all factories need to do purification treatment? The answer is no. Whether you need to do purification engineering depends on the type of production in your factory; And your dust-free workshop to achieve what purification and cleanliness, is also according to the production process requirements, appropriate.

Post time: Nov-23-2022