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  • CMH Sargodha.

    CMH Sargodha.

    Pakistan CMH Sargodha primarily focuses on providing specialized medical services and treatment to military persons, their families and even the civilian population. CMH Sargodha is equipped with advanced medical facilities and specialized medical staff from all over Pakistan to provide best trea...
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  • Food and beverage

    Food and beverage

    Process flow Thawing--Browning--Cooling--Components--Packaging--Security Inspection--Packing. Project Overview Project Name: Zhou Hei Ya Braised Food GMP Purification Workshop Project. Project scale: 12000㎡. Cleanliness: 10,000, 100,000. Project address: Wuhan, Hubei. ...
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  • New energy

    New energy

    Project name: battery line purification plant purification and decoration project. Project scale: 15000㎡. Cleanliness: 1000, 10,000, 100,000. Clean area: 10000㎡. Project Location: Hefei, Anhui. Design and construction content 2.1. The interior decoration color ste...
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  • Daily chemical products

    Daily chemical products

    Purification requirements of cosmetic GMP workshop The laboratory, raw material room, filling room, inner packaging material disinfection and storage room and dressing room all adopt the 100,000-level air purification standard, and other areas adopt the 300,000-level air...
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  • Precision manufacturing

    Precision manufacturing

    Injection molding clean workshop planning Ensure absolute isolation of all scrap, feed and mixing workshops. 1. The feeding and mixing rooms are independently separated into small rooms. The equipment is commonly used such as drying machine, mold temperature meter, feede...
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  • Laboratory


    1. Introduction The sample processing room should be located on the side of the corridor as far as possible, and in the downwind direction. Similar instruments should be concentrated as much as possible; instruments that need gas supply should be as close to the gas room...
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  • Electronic semiconductor

    Electronic semiconductor

    Design and construction content The project involves the design and construction scope of color steel plate partition decoration engineering, purification vent...
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  • Medical Hospital

    Medical Hospital

    Clean decoration project 1. Wall ● The partition wall of the working area is made of sandwich color steel plate material, and the color is white board. ● All t...
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  • Class 10,000 clean workshop for biopharmaceuticals

    Class 10,000 clean workshop for biopharmaceuticals

    The goal of GMP required by the biopharmaceutical industry is to ensure the establishment of a scientific and strict sterile drug production environment, process, operation and management system to maximize the elimination of all possible, potential biological activity, ...
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